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Like Father, Like Son

January 23, 2012

Finally – Some Snow!

January 21, 2012

Not that we haven’t appreciated our beautiful, warm winter thus far.  But Boston wouldn’t be Boston without at least a LITTLE dusting.  Beautiful light flakes have been drifting all day so of course, we needed to show Asher that winter here is not all 45 degrees and walks along the river.  He was a good sport for his little photo shoot!


Adventures in (baby) Dating

January 19, 2012

No, we are not actually dating yet.   Well, nothing that leaves the house unaccompanied.  Yet.  But it is one weird concept to think that years from now, years that will likely be here before we know it, our little guy really will take some girl out on a date.  And (gasp) possibly hold her hand.  Or more!  Hold the door for her.  Be respectful.  Be intentional.  Be humble.  Buy her flowers.  LISTEN to her, don’t just hear her.

I am overwhelmed by the things I pray this little guy will learn before those dating days and even more overwhelmed at the thought of what some girl out there may be learning before she meets him!  Ever since we found out we were having a boy, I started praying that we would be able to raise a young man that some girl’s dad will think is good enough for his daughter.  Talk about a lot of weight on your parental shoulders!

Asher is already such a social little guy.  He smiles at everyone, chats away, and…as of today…holds hands with girls.

Little Miss Harper’s mom and Kelly were pregnant together and these baby friends were born just 6 weeks apart!  They had no idea that their mommies would force them into so many awkward poses.  And in all seriousness, we did not set up the hand-holding and we are sure that Harper’s dad is not going to be happy about this.  So we have some work to do around here before we really hit the dating world.  Luckily, that’s at least 20-30 years from now right!?

Will Run For Beer

January 18, 2012

Well, we finally got out.  Out of the state.  Out of the city.  Out for a run.  Indoors.  So…in for a run?  5 of us formed a team to run in the Smuttynose Palooza/to run for beer/to run indoors/to get free beer.  Probably the best race we’ve done so far.  Urban Dictionary defines Palooza as “an all-out crazy party; partying at one place with a ton of people like there’s no tomorrow.”  I would certainly not say it was crazy or an all-out party but what else could we possibly have been doing on a random Saturday in January?  Exactly.  So it was extra fun seeing how there were zero other options on the table AND it counts as a blog-worthy adventure.  Did I mention it was indoors on a track?  Good thing none of us ran the entire 1/2 marathon alone because 68 laps is a lot of laps to run alone.  So for 5 of us, it was a win all around.  It was a nice drive, we saw some snow, LEFT the snow in New Hampshire (where it can stay all winter for all I care) and had some fun with friends.  Oh yeah, and got some exercise in order to earn our free beer.  FREE.  Or, $25 if you count the entry fee we paid to get our exercise and shirts.

Maybe we could have coordinated our posing a little better?

Faithful Fans

The Prize

And now we all just hang out on the field?

And play with the baby?

AND get all the free stuff!

Good job team (and spectators)

Photographing a Baby

January 12, 2012

I never intended to turn this blog into a baby blog.  But the truth is, we haven’t gotten out and about much since Asher has born.  Well…that’s not entirely true.  The weather has barely been below 45 degrees this Winter and we are well into January.  That is a tremendous praise.  So we actually get out and about every day!  All the way to Target…and walks along the Charles…and to Starbucks…and Harvard Square.  We still have adventures and are certainly enjoying the beautiful New England weather.  I guess we’re just closer to home and the lens seems to constantly point at this guy –

I suppose that is normal when there is a face this cute to focus on!

And I know the grandparents prefer to see more of this –

I am not ready to change the name or direction of the blog.  But I guess for the time, the adventures in the Northeast aren’t going too far outside Boston and the travelling doesn’t seem to be much farther than Cambridge.  Every day is an adventure with a new baby though so I guess these still fit the blog for now!

Just Growing Up…No Big Deal

December 6, 2011

Whose Dog is This?!

December 5, 2011

Anyone who knows Buddy, knows he’s not so much the snuggler.  He must really be starving for attention…

60 Degree November

November 29, 2011

Ok, it hasn’t actually been 60 degrees the whole month.  It really has been in the low to mid 5o’s with a FEW days in the 60’s.  Sunday was supposed to be the warmest…turns out it wasn’t.  No one complains when it is almost December and it has hardly rained and it’s not snowing yet.  We headed North with the expectation of warmth and a beach picnic.  It was still great despite the chill and with the picnic cut short, it gave us an excuse to swing by the Cape Ann Brewery.  As if we needed an excuse for beer tasting!

If you’re looking for a great outing with kids, this is the place.  Halibut Point State Park in Rockport is an old filled-in rock quarry.  It’s a beautiful geological walk with the views of granite and the ocean.  We can’t wait to take Asher back when he is older.  What boy doesn’t love climbing on rocks and piling them up?  For now, he seemed content enough to stay cuddled close in the Ergo.

Yep…there are a lot of rocks!

Obligatory self-portrait now includes 3! (Buddy is too short to fit in the shot)

There’s Buddy!

Christmas and Lobster Traps

Hanging with dad at the brewery

A Trip to the Dog Park

November 29, 2011

Since we have had a baby, our adventures stay much closer to home.  On Thanksgiving day, it is tradition for the men to play some football and I take Buddy to the dog park to get some energy out before he gets stuck at home all day.  So this is how exciting the dog park is…

Ours is the one watching the OTHER dogs play.  He likes the people section.  Oh Buddy…

It’s Not Really Fall

November 13, 2011

The adventures around here have been quite different with a newborn.  They occur in shorter time frames and closer distances.  Read:  No Vermont.  Anyone who knows me know how hard a Fall without Vermont is.  And it turned out to be a Fall void of any real day trips anywhere for leaves.  Fortunately the seasons cycle and it will be back next year.  For now, we settled for a quick and spontaneous trip west to Northampton.  Home to Smith College, it offered the small town feel and the college town feel at the same time.  It’s really not Fall anymore and the leaves have mostly fallen.  But stumbling on a new brewery and browsing a cute town hit the spot this weekend.

So many cool restaurants!