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March 10, 2012

We went back.  It may become a go-to place since stopping at Cape Ann Brewing is all too convenient and oh so kid-friendly!  With the weather still so nice, (there are no words left to even describe the great weather!) it doesn’t get better than off-leash hiking, Gloucester Harbor views and some good exercise.  AND  some good beer at the end.  Yeah sunshine!

Here we are working on taking more mommy/baby pictures together so that I can prove I am here and I can reduce the large number of photos that get taken only of this sweet face.  So far, he is not so sure about his new hiking backpack.

There go the boys!

Having fun with Auntie Tabi!

I love my Auntie!  Look at my dimples!

Broham and Sis

6 Months Old

March 5, 2012

We have survived the first half of the first year of being parents!  This kiddo is a lot more active than in his previous monthly shoots.  He wriggled all over and made my little plan slightly challenging to pull off.  Turns out, he may have been hungry and thoroughly enjoyed his sweet potatoes and applesauce more than he likes having to sit still for pictures with onsies. 

This boy is a great eater!  He is now eating butternut squash, parsnips, and very soon he’ll be eating peaches.  Smiling and giggling and socializing continue to be his favorite activities.  He reaches for EVERYTHING you put in front of him as if you are handing it to him.

He has turned out to be a pretty good napper and sleeps all night for us.  Yeah!  He is healthy, rested, well-fed, and just as cute as can be.  We are thankful he is so portable and able to join us on hikes, day trips, drives, and walks.  Although he may nap for a pretty long time, he doesn’t really lose it if he misses a nap either.  We’ll capitalize on that as long as possible!


Poor Buddy

February 24, 2012

Out of order.  Forgotten.  Poor Buddy.  There are no photos of myself or Asher from our hike but Buddy, who had a grand time running off leash with his dog friend Sawyer, DID get a picture.  And he didn’t even make it to the original post.  Story of his life these days…

Sweet Boy

He was perfectly well-behaved (except for the whole, climb down the rocks onto the frozen pond that had potential to cave in but didn’t thankfully) and had a wonderful time.  He deserves his moment in the spotlight.


February 24, 2012

This is a non-New England, non-weather related photo.  But this smile is so cute behind that giant bib, it seemed fitting for whatever reason.  Eating solids is an adventure, right?


February 24, 2012

I feel like every post needs a title like, “The Winter that Wasn’t Winter” or “The Winter that is Actually Spring.”  I am running out of creative ways to say that it has been SO STINKING NICE HERE THIS WINTER!  We are so lucky.  I say that one a lot too…but really, how could anyone wish for anything better when having a newborn and being home for the first time.  We’re running, we’re hiking, we’re walking everywhere.  The only thing we aren’t really doing is eating outside but you can’t have everything, right?

So when it climbed to 60 yet again this week, we took off to the North Shore and checked out a new spot.  Dog and baby in tow, we hiked around Ravenswood Park in Gloucester.  Go there.  It’s great!

View from the top!

Beautiful SUNSHINE!


Along the Waterfront

Enjoying the Beach

City Hall

Beautiful New England.  Just beautiful.


February 8, 2012

No Party, no food, no guests this year.  Just the 3 of us, the Giants vs. Pats, & a football prop.

Good times.

Like Father, Like Son

January 23, 2012