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This is the way we eat our food, eat our food, eat our food…

April 26, 2012

This is the way we eat our food…by making a big ol’ mess!

Last night, we went independent.  I didn’t even know we were ready for that.  I wasn’t ready but Asher made it VERY clear that he was ready.  The whole red-faced, sobbing, pouting, spoon banging meltdown communicated that I was absoLUTELY not to get any closer to him with a spoon full of food.  Despite the fact that he was also unable to get HIS spoon full of food into his mouth, I wasn’t quite sure how eating was going to even occur.  I managed to feed him AROUND his spoon…while he stared at it intently, twirling it about, hitting himself with it in the forehead and periodically smiling at me as if he had just discovered a cure for cancer.  So confident.  So proud.  Who knew he had such strong opinions?

So if he had a spoon in his hand, he seemed satisfied as if it was in fact, himself, feeding himself, even though I was the one using the OTHER spoon to get the food in his mouth.  I realized how quickly he has gone from being the sweet little birdie who opened his mouth obediently whenever food was on a spoon.  How quickly another milestone has come and gone.  Didn’t we just start solids?   As long as we have 2 spoons at all times, maybe we’ll survive this next phase of development.   And I will try to hold back the tears as I watch my baby move so soon into being a little boy and encourage his independence.

 Today, he picked around at some cheese, a veggie burger patty, bananas, and mashed carrots.  Periodically, when he wasn’t busy mushing it all around, he would open his mouth and I could be reminded that he still needed me.  Just a little bit.  Then he would drink from his straw (!!!) and look smugly at me like we had this secret deal that we’ll do as a team.  I’m thankful he’ll let me be part of it for just a little bit longer.

Springing Into Summer

April 19, 2012

We all know that Winter was Spring around here so the new Spring is quite obviously:  Summer.  80’s and 90’s are a little high for April and sunburns are mostly unheard of.  Somewhere I actually promised not to complain about a hot summer since we’ve been so blessed.  However, you’re not a real New Englander if you don’t complain about the fickle weather so I may or may not end up keeping that promise I made…

Shorts and socks and…Sox…doesn’t get much better than that in April!

Marathon weekend is THE BEST in Boston.  People from all over the world are here so the people watching is at its prime.  We walked to Harvard Square over the weekend to enjoy the view, the blooming trees, and to grab a bite to eat.  When we are out with baby and dog – let me tell you.  It  is about as close to celebrity status as we’ll probably get.  The two of them are just so cute that everyone seems to need to stop/stare/chat/comment/question/drool.  It would be great if we could just let Buddy walk the stroller on his own and we could sit back and relax.

So thankful for another blessed year here in Beantown!

This is the Buddy show.  Give dog ice cream.  Everyone stops to watch.  He downed this in about 2 minutes thanks to Chris the cow!  We were fortunate enough to donate to his marathon fund-raising and we got some ice cream in return.  We watched for Chris for hours on Monday but did not see the cow.  We wished him the best of luck and hope he did ok!

 Have ice cream – will walk with it.

Asher was a GREAT marathon fan!  He is sitting on his own and he received MANY many smiles from runners, er, walkers.  We were happy to give them something to smile about because it was not a very fun day for running.  I remember the year we lost power and the poor runners sailed through the towns with hardly any fans.  I’m not really sure what is worse but they did not look happy this year.   Being that it was 90 degrees -ish, some of us personally enjoyed the opportunity for some suntanning.  We felt so badly though that we just kept staying (ok, we always do that) in order to cheer just a few more!  We camped out along Heartbreak Hill for the first time and heartbreaking it was.  Walker after walker passed by with 6+ miles to go.  We hope Chris made it to the end!  If not, we really liked our ice cream anyways.

There was a lot of extra water this year but rumor has it that it was warm and terrible.

They just kept spilling over the hill, an hour or more later than usual.  It’s always an inspiring day but I have to say, not once this year did I really feel like I wanted to do it.  There’s always next year!

Go Red Sox!

April 6, 2012

Regardless of who you cheer for, this is a good way to start the season!  Red Sox season means Marathon Monday, blossoms on trees, Don and Remy’s voices echoing throughout the city, sunny runs along the Charles and warm sunshine all right around the corner.  We didn’t really have to “survive” this winter but we are still thankful another one is soon behind us and the best is ahead!

Make Way For Ducklings

March 20, 2012

I remember my first grade teacher reading this book to us.  We read all of the Robert McClosky books.  As it turns out, there are a handful of New England places covered in McClosky’s books and I didn’t know in first grade I would end up here!  (obviously) But end up here I did and after almost 7 (!!!!??) years, I finally took some photos of the famous Mallard Family in the Boston Public Garden.  I have always felt it was one of those things you kind of needed kids for.  Not NEEDED, lots of adults take the pictures too…but it is sort of one of those things that make more sense when you have kids.  Otherwise you are just that couple that takes random pictures of things you do that MOST people do with families.  (Don’t worry, we have done all the other stuff like Santa pictures, pumpkin patches, hay rides, corn mazes…and my loving husband has willingly done it all for 8 years of marriage though commented regularly that someday we should have kids so that it would make sense to do these things.  So here we are, fun things + kid.  Finally.).

Beautiful March weather + company in town + a post lunch walk = photo shoot in the park.  APPARENTLY, if the pond is not frozen (which it is NOT since it has been 60 degrees all winter) it is drained.  GROSS!!!  DO NOT GO TO THE GARDEN RIGHT NOW!  It is so not the picturesque stroll that it usually is.  So take this March opportunity to visit the ducklings and takes some fun photos.  And no matter what, there is ALWAYS someone in your way so edit your pictures wisely no matter what month it is.

Apparently he doesn’t know he is supposed to smile for this monumental occasion!

If only a photographer could follow our lives and capture these moments for us to remember!  What joy God has given us to be the parents of the kiddo.  We are so thankful for him.

Asher loved his Auntie time

He loved her necklace

And her hair.

AND her sunglasses.  Aunties are so cool, they let you do anything!

Mommy’s Boy

March 15, 2012

NEVER do I get to have pictures with this kid.  I do exist, I am wherever he is, you just can’t see me.  I love his smiling face, his laugh, and his dimples.  He is such a joy!

Parish Cafe

March 14, 2012

Yep, we are sitting on the deck!  In March!  No, I”m not tired of being excited about the weather.  I did recently decide that I might be nervous about how hot this summer will be but I also promised way back in December not to complain if it is hot since it never really got cold.  I’ll take a tan over snow any day.

Just another day in Boston at another favorite spot, Parish Cafe!  Lobster roll anyone?  This one has bacon.  I don’t care what the Phantom Gourmet, Zagat, Yelp, or Boston Magazine reviews have to say about lobster roll controversy involving butter vs. mayo, herbs or not.  And if you are unfamiliar with the lobster roll debates, read more here and here.  If you put bacon with my lobster, you win hands down.  Most reviews say B&G Oysters holds the top spot for lobster rolls in Boston and it JUST SO HAPPENS that the chef at B&G created the one at Parish.  Oh, the beauty of eating at Parish Cafe – get foods from other restaurants!  More or less anyway.  Read about it if you want to know more, it’s good stuff!  If you need a place to take a guest in Boston or you need a first date (which could eventually lead to marriage… just sayin, it has happened in the past!) Parish is a cool place to go.  It’s downtown, leads to a nice walk on Newbury or through the Public Garden, it has a ton of beer on tap and you can sit outside in March!  Or maybe just this March.  I did sit out there in July while pregnant.  It wasn’t really as comfortable.

If you haven’t been yet, put it on your list!  And try the potato salad as a side to whatever sandwich you go with.  It’s delish!

Beer on tap + Tyson’s creativity

Good times with sis in town.

Cape Ann Brewing

March 12, 2012

It seems like we have been here quite often lately!  The beer is good, the tables are long and communal, there is space for the kids to run around (if you have one walking) and as of recently, the food is great!  The only down side?  The prices are a little higher than your local pub but the fish sandwich goes pretty well with the IPA.  And they even make fish SLIDERS!  Everything tastes better in slider sizes.  So this is the third time at the brewery in a month.  Too convenient after a hike or a day at the beach.  And in this weather, there are sure to be more visits in the near future!

Our sweetie wore his new crabby pants to be appropriately nautical for a trip to the North Shore

Bonding with Auntie!

Hmmm…Fish and Chips?  Fried clams?  It’s a tough choice