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October 30, 2012

BEFORE Hurricane Sandy hit we were able to squeeze in just a few last minute Fall festivities.  It may go without saying that our leaves are all on the ground now and it feels like Winter is right around the corner.

First up was a simple trip to the park.  It reminded me of leaf-collecting at Lincoln Park in Seattle.  It’s a crazy thing to start taking pictures of your kid doing things you once did…and then knowing that someday he or she will look at photos and have fond memories of the past as well.  I can only hope to impart even a fraction of my love of Fall to my offspring.  We seem off to a good start though because the little guy enjoyed crunching leaves with his hands and feet.  Piling them in his walker was also a hit activity.


ImageJust some good ol’ mommy son timeImageLoving the blue sweatshirt – thanks grandma!  Next up…mandatory costume photos!ImageWe needed somewhere to go besides the front yard so we made a dash for Wilson Farm before it got dark.  It’s like being a kid all over again!  Hay rides, cider donuts, pumpkins for carving…we are so glad we have a little one to share all of this stuff with now!  I mean, the sheer joy he is experiencing on this hayride makes up for at least 1 week of sleepless nights.  (He’s going to really have to work off all those other weeks still.)Image

ImageAnd then this happened ——->ImageThere were some great attempts at taking a picture of these 2 together.  But with one crawler and one hardly a sitter, it was a little complicated.  Ours didn’t seem too interested ins supporting his friend as he was pretty much done with his photo shoots for the day. Image


ImageSo there’s that!  The near end of Fall fun.  We will break out the cow one more time for trick-or-treating and then it’s the countdown to Thanksgiving!

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