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What is new?

June 23, 2012

That is what everyone asks people with babies it seems.  What is he doing these days?  What new thing has he mastered?  Not being around a lot of babies, I haven’t really known whether his great new “tricks” are particular to him or not.  I always think he is amazing and then we go somewhere with a similarly aged baby and I see…they all do that.  But do they all do it wearing Husky pajamas?  I think not.

(He was very proud of himself for scooting so far backwards.  Interesting.  Most of us would consider this a fail since he is STUCK

but for him; a success!)

I suppose getting stuck under furniture counts as a New England adventure.  It’s his adventure anyway.

Next was a North Shore adventure – I realize now that we go to all of the same places all the time.  Harvard Square.  Gloucester.  Cape Ann Brewery.  Vermont.  Hey, we like what we like!  Here is father and son on Mother’s Day weekend.  Per usual, more photos of them, mostly the little one, and few of me.  I did pick out the awesome ribbon belt to be sure he looked perfect for the big day.

Every time I visit, I do find something I haven’t captured a photo of!  How is that possible?  And more so, what in the world will I ever do with the 1,000+ nautical photos I have?  No idea.  I love them all.  Almost as much as the 2,000+ Vermont photos…they all just sit on the computer right now.  Any ideas?  (non time-consuming ideas only please)

I guess if I can’t move to Vermont, I could totally live here too. It is closer anyway.

A beautiful day for the beach!

(and perfect for pictures with lobster traps.  duh.)

What came next?  Texas!

This is not even a New England adventure.  It was an all-out, on the plane, trip to somewhere new.  Cowboy hats required.


What’s up in the Lonestar State?  It’s hot.  When we weren’t eating at Chick-fil-a or one of the many DE-licious Mexican restaurants, we were spending some good ol’ time with friends.  They had central air conditioning.  It makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t have that blessing. (I have to look at beautiful North Shore photos or walk along the Charles River to remind myself that there is a give and take to everything!!!!!)

Just hangin’ with my friends…

Nothing beats just living life with those you love.  In central air conditioned houses.  Love ya’ll!!


Next up – BC Graduation.  We got an early start on our college experience –

“Aw, Miss Karoline you look awesome in that hat!”

Then it got hot (no central a.c.) so we went to the beach.  THIS beach –

It’s a city kind of beach.  Enough said.  But you can park for free, the water is there, the sand is there and so technically it counts as “the beach” but it is sure not the North Shore.  NOT even a little bit.

Memorial Day came and went with a ton of rain in the in between.  Nothing keeps me from PIY fruit though!  And here is where I begin the whole “I always go to the same places and tell everyone about it all the time” spiel.  But really, Tougas is the best!  It was the natural choice for our first family photos taken by the wonderful Diane Rose.  *Sidenote – those photos of our little guy are just that.  SO LITTLE!  I can’t even believe he was such a peanut.

We go to Tougas for every possible fruit you could pick off a tree or a bush.  The men got out of doing much this time around since dad  conveniently had to hold on to Atown.  Strawberry picking isn’t really all that fun though anyway since it’s so hard on the back.  BUT the shortcake later that night is always worth it.

We love our Auntie Tabi when she visits.  Come again soon!

And THEN we are back where we started again – The North Shore and Cape and Brewing.  Asher is even wearing the same shirt!  Dad wanted to match for Father’s Day.  So yes, we went to the same place for Mother and Father’s Day.  How could we not?  Beer, boats, barges, boat SHOES – and I’m out of B’s.  It wasn’t as warm as we would have liked so inside it was.  But really, if there is anyone we haven’t yet taken there, please get on us to invite you with us next time.  The view is amazing, the food is quite good, and they let kids run or crawl all over the place.  These days, that seals the deal anyway!  And that’s it from May until now.  In a nutshell – what is new?!  Really, nothing.  We still drive all over, day-trip whenever we can and take lots of photos (now with a baby as the focal point).  We are excited for summer and an upcoming trip to Vermont.  Haha.  Maybe we aren’t so adventurous anymore if we just go to the same places over and over…

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