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June 19, 2012

For all of the Saved By the Bell fans out there, you can read the post title with that episode in mind.  You’ll know it if you watched it as often as I did growing up.  Anyone else can just read it with some form of botched Boston accent and it will pretty much be the same thing.

We love being able to walk to Harvard Square on any nice random day that comes  about.  You can guarantee there is always something going on over there, don’t even bother checking any event calendars.  Every time we’ve set out just for a walk and something to do, we’ve  managed to spend a good part of the day watching street performers, speeches, protests, demonstrations or at least getting ice cream.  When we went to attend the grand re-opening of the Curious George Store, we found ourselves in a Shakespeare parade complete with poetry and insults.  Then on to a Native American celebration.  It’s really like, if we have nothing to do, walk to Harvard Square and people watch.  And also end up in the midst of whatever other fun stuff is happening.  Gotta love Beantown and all of the free entertainment!

But really, this was back in April and now it’s June.  Busy much?  Babies seriously take up all free time available.  *serious face*  I’m not even kidding.

Walking to the Square is sometimes the best – beautiful landscape, beautiful houses, beautiful flowers…

Harvard Square is one of the best blessings of living where we live.

It’s the best for people watching without having to trek all the way downtown.

Come visit us and we’ll take you over to hang out!  (that is my shameless plug to recruit visitors)

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