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This is the way we eat our food, eat our food, eat our food…

April 26, 2012

This is the way we eat our food…by making a big ol’ mess!

Last night, we went independent.  I didn’t even know we were ready for that.  I wasn’t ready but Asher made it VERY clear that he was ready.  The whole red-faced, sobbing, pouting, spoon banging meltdown communicated that I was absoLUTELY not to get any closer to him with a spoon full of food.  Despite the fact that he was also unable to get HIS spoon full of food into his mouth, I wasn’t quite sure how eating was going to even occur.  I managed to feed him AROUND his spoon…while he stared at it intently, twirling it about, hitting himself with it in the forehead and periodically smiling at me as if he had just discovered a cure for cancer.  So confident.  So proud.  Who knew he had such strong opinions?

So if he had a spoon in his hand, he seemed satisfied as if it was in fact, himself, feeding himself, even though I was the one using the OTHER spoon to get the food in his mouth.  I realized how quickly he has gone from being the sweet little birdie who opened his mouth obediently whenever food was on a spoon.  How quickly another milestone has come and gone.  Didn’t we just start solids?   As long as we have 2 spoons at all times, maybe we’ll survive this next phase of development.   And I will try to hold back the tears as I watch my baby move so soon into being a little boy and encourage his independence.

 Today, he picked around at some cheese, a veggie burger patty, bananas, and mashed carrots.  Periodically, when he wasn’t busy mushing it all around, he would open his mouth and I could be reminded that he still needed me.  Just a little bit.  Then he would drink from his straw (!!!) and look smugly at me like we had this secret deal that we’ll do as a team.  I’m thankful he’ll let me be part of it for just a little bit longer.

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