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Springing Into Summer

April 19, 2012

We all know that Winter was Spring around here so the new Spring is quite obviously:  Summer.  80’s and 90’s are a little high for April and sunburns are mostly unheard of.  Somewhere I actually promised not to complain about a hot summer since we’ve been so blessed.  However, you’re not a real New Englander if you don’t complain about the fickle weather so I may or may not end up keeping that promise I made…

Shorts and socks and…Sox…doesn’t get much better than that in April!

Marathon weekend is THE BEST in Boston.  People from all over the world are here so the people watching is at its prime.  We walked to Harvard Square over the weekend to enjoy the view, the blooming trees, and to grab a bite to eat.  When we are out with baby and dog – let me tell you.  It  is about as close to celebrity status as we’ll probably get.  The two of them are just so cute that everyone seems to need to stop/stare/chat/comment/question/drool.  It would be great if we could just let Buddy walk the stroller on his own and we could sit back and relax.

So thankful for another blessed year here in Beantown!

This is the Buddy show.  Give dog ice cream.  Everyone stops to watch.  He downed this in about 2 minutes thanks to Chris the cow!  We were fortunate enough to donate to his marathon fund-raising and we got some ice cream in return.  We watched for Chris for hours on Monday but did not see the cow.  We wished him the best of luck and hope he did ok!

 Have ice cream – will walk with it.

Asher was a GREAT marathon fan!  He is sitting on his own and he received MANY many smiles from runners, er, walkers.  We were happy to give them something to smile about because it was not a very fun day for running.  I remember the year we lost power and the poor runners sailed through the towns with hardly any fans.  I’m not really sure what is worse but they did not look happy this year.   Being that it was 90 degrees -ish, some of us personally enjoyed the opportunity for some suntanning.  We felt so badly though that we just kept staying (ok, we always do that) in order to cheer just a few more!  We camped out along Heartbreak Hill for the first time and heartbreaking it was.  Walker after walker passed by with 6+ miles to go.  We hope Chris made it to the end!  If not, we really liked our ice cream anyways.

There was a lot of extra water this year but rumor has it that it was warm and terrible.

They just kept spilling over the hill, an hour or more later than usual.  It’s always an inspiring day but I have to say, not once this year did I really feel like I wanted to do it.  There’s always next year!

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