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Make Way For Ducklings

March 20, 2012

I remember my first grade teacher reading this book to us.  We read all of the Robert McClosky books.  As it turns out, there are a handful of New England places covered in McClosky’s books and I didn’t know in first grade I would end up here!  (obviously) But end up here I did and after almost 7 (!!!!??) years, I finally took some photos of the famous Mallard Family in the Boston Public Garden.  I have always felt it was one of those things you kind of needed kids for.  Not NEEDED, lots of adults take the pictures too…but it is sort of one of those things that make more sense when you have kids.  Otherwise you are just that couple that takes random pictures of things you do that MOST people do with families.  (Don’t worry, we have done all the other stuff like Santa pictures, pumpkin patches, hay rides, corn mazes…and my loving husband has willingly done it all for 8 years of marriage though commented regularly that someday we should have kids so that it would make sense to do these things.  So here we are, fun things + kid.  Finally.).

Beautiful March weather + company in town + a post lunch walk = photo shoot in the park.  APPARENTLY, if the pond is not frozen (which it is NOT since it has been 60 degrees all winter) it is drained.  GROSS!!!  DO NOT GO TO THE GARDEN RIGHT NOW!  It is so not the picturesque stroll that it usually is.  So take this March opportunity to visit the ducklings and takes some fun photos.  And no matter what, there is ALWAYS someone in your way so edit your pictures wisely no matter what month it is.

Apparently he doesn’t know he is supposed to smile for this monumental occasion!

If only a photographer could follow our lives and capture these moments for us to remember!  What joy God has given us to be the parents of the kiddo.  We are so thankful for him.

Asher loved his Auntie time

He loved her necklace

And her hair.

AND her sunglasses.  Aunties are so cool, they let you do anything!

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