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Parish Cafe

March 14, 2012

Yep, we are sitting on the deck!  In March!  No, I”m not tired of being excited about the weather.  I did recently decide that I might be nervous about how hot this summer will be but I also promised way back in December not to complain if it is hot since it never really got cold.  I’ll take a tan over snow any day.

Just another day in Boston at another favorite spot, Parish Cafe!  Lobster roll anyone?  This one has bacon.  I don’t care what the Phantom Gourmet, Zagat, Yelp, or Boston Magazine reviews have to say about lobster roll controversy involving butter vs. mayo, herbs or not.  And if you are unfamiliar with the lobster roll debates, read more here and here.  If you put bacon with my lobster, you win hands down.  Most reviews say B&G Oysters holds the top spot for lobster rolls in Boston and it JUST SO HAPPENS that the chef at B&G created the one at Parish.  Oh, the beauty of eating at Parish Cafe – get foods from other restaurants!  More or less anyway.  Read about it if you want to know more, it’s good stuff!  If you need a place to take a guest in Boston or you need a first date (which could eventually lead to marriage… just sayin, it has happened in the past!) Parish is a cool place to go.  It’s downtown, leads to a nice walk on Newbury or through the Public Garden, it has a ton of beer on tap and you can sit outside in March!  Or maybe just this March.  I did sit out there in July while pregnant.  It wasn’t really as comfortable.

If you haven’t been yet, put it on your list!  And try the potato salad as a side to whatever sandwich you go with.  It’s delish!

Beer on tap + Tyson’s creativity

Good times with sis in town.

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  1. Kelli permalink
    March 14, 2012 11:48 pm

    so jealous. i LOVE parish cafe!! we need to go next time i’m in boston!

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