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6 Months Old

March 5, 2012

We have survived the first half of the first year of being parents!  This kiddo is a lot more active than in his previous monthly shoots.  He wriggled all over and made my little plan slightly challenging to pull off.  Turns out, he may have been hungry and thoroughly enjoyed his sweet potatoes and applesauce more than he likes having to sit still for pictures with onsies. 

This boy is a great eater!  He is now eating butternut squash, parsnips, and very soon he’ll be eating peaches.  Smiling and giggling and socializing continue to be his favorite activities.  He reaches for EVERYTHING you put in front of him as if you are handing it to him.

He has turned out to be a pretty good napper and sleeps all night for us.  Yeah!  He is healthy, rested, well-fed, and just as cute as can be.  We are thankful he is so portable and able to join us on hikes, day trips, drives, and walks.  Although he may nap for a pretty long time, he doesn’t really lose it if he misses a nap either.  We’ll capitalize on that as long as possible!


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