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Adventures in (baby) Dating

January 19, 2012

No, we are not actually dating yet.   Well, nothing that leaves the house unaccompanied.  Yet.  But it is one weird concept to think that years from now, years that will likely be here before we know it, our little guy really will take some girl out on a date.  And (gasp) possibly hold her hand.  Or more!  Hold the door for her.  Be respectful.  Be intentional.  Be humble.  Buy her flowers.  LISTEN to her, don’t just hear her.

I am overwhelmed by the things I pray this little guy will learn before those dating days and even more overwhelmed at the thought of what some girl out there may be learning before she meets him!  Ever since we found out we were having a boy, I started praying that we would be able to raise a young man that some girl’s dad will think is good enough for his daughter.  Talk about a lot of weight on your parental shoulders!

Asher is already such a social little guy.  He smiles at everyone, chats away, and…as of today…holds hands with girls.

Little Miss Harper’s mom and Kelly were pregnant together and these baby friends were born just 6 weeks apart!  They had no idea that their mommies would force them into so many awkward poses.  And in all seriousness, we did not set up the hand-holding and we are sure that Harper’s dad is not going to be happy about this.  So we have some work to do around here before we really hit the dating world.  Luckily, that’s at least 20-30 years from now right!?

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  1. Sarah permalink
    January 21, 2012 4:05 pm

    Love it! the color smiley is fantastic, what was Asher looking for on Harpers head on the last one??

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