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Ellsbury – the Summertime Star

August 17, 2011

Everyone hopes for a great night at the ballpark.  Even if your team loses, maybe there will be a fight, someone will get kicked out, or some amazing play will make up for a loss.  It’s always hit or miss but if you have your hot dog, beer & team shirt, it’s still bound to be a fun night. When it’s a win – it’s extra fun.  When it’s a good game and a win, nothing beats a baseball game on a warm summer night and when you live in Boston, there’s really nowhere you’d rather be than on a night like August 3.

August 2 was already good.  The Sox won 3-2 with a walk-off single by Jacoby Ellsbury.  I had thought to myself, “Too bad we aren’t there tonight!”  It always seems that we end up at the no-action game after the good game.  Oh well, we weren’t slated for a rain delay which already meant we had the one-up on the crowd from the night before.  We got there early as usual to enjoy the crowd and the ballpark.

Guess what ladies?  If you are pregnant, they may not make you walk all the way back around the stadium to get to your seats if you “accidentally” find yourself at the Green Monster entrance and your seats are just beyond.  I didn’t know that…lucky me!

Obligatory pre-game photo…

So when you’re not expecting the game to be great, you’re so lucky when it is.  We took an early lead which was fine, we like to win, but Cleveland battled back and by the 9th inning it was a tie game again.  Papelbon came in to close, we got fired up, “Shipped Up to Boston” and settled in for what we assumed would be some extra innings.  Fine by us!  The Sox are up last and as Ellsbury stepped up to the plate, I did wonder what it would be like if he won the game for us again.  I wish I had said it out loud to prove that I really did think it!  The next thing you know, the ball is sailing straight away to center field and he did in fact…win the game for a second night in a row.

Of course, the team storms the mound and the crowd is OUT OF CONTROL since this stuff doesn’t usually happen 2 nights in a row.  So I guess we can’t go to anymore games this season since we went out on a such a great note…

So good, so good!

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