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More on Farm Stands

November 14, 2010

Everyone in Vermont seems to be selling their veggies on the side of the road these days.  In a state where supporting local business is of utmost priority, it’s no wonder that these informal “farm stands” are everywhere.  We’ve previously been very excited about the honor farm system of purchasing food by leaving money in a plastic hummus container at a little farm called Duclos and Thompson.  Purchasing bacon and other meat on the honor system was quite a thrill that seemed to be an “Only in Vermont” thing.  This year, we found a new spot with some of the very best spinach we’ve ever tasted!  Duclos and Thompson sells meat only but this place was meat AND vegetables.  When people ask what we do in Vermont, I always answer that we do grocery shopping because we come home with fresh food that is nowhere within reach of our city apartment.  Although, I did find out that chickens are not illegal in our town so maybe we’ll start our own honor system and bring some fresh food to Watertown.  “Leave your money in a coffee can and take a dozen fresh eggs!”  Our landlord doesn’t even let our dog go to the bathroom in the backyard so I’m guessing that the chicken farm venture wouldn’t go over too well…

*Speaking of eggs, note the Bobcat Cafe photo in the previous post.  Last year we weresitting at that bar, chatting with John the bartender, when a man at the end of the bar announced that he had 5 dozen farm fresh eggs available for sale that evening.  Within minutes, John had passed the word on and patrons enjoying their beer and/or dinner, purchased eggs as well.  Ah, the local life.  Only in Vermont!

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