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Cape Cod

October 29, 2010

We have learned that some people are just “Cape” people.  The most popular Bostonism we’ve learned over the years is “Oh…I”ll be at the Cape that week.”  (please note week, not weekend.  when and if we can ever afford an entire week at the Cape, ESPECIALLY in a house we OWN in addition to our own home!!??!  we will invite you.  believe us, we will invite you.  because we have only been invited to the Cape for free once.  and it was the most incredible experience short of our honeymoon.  we are suggesting though, that you make some rich friends and get them to invite you so you can invite us because it doesn’t look like we will be inviting anyone anytime soon)

The Cape is ideal for the 2nd home owner.  It’s a home away from home.  It’s a thrill to say you’ll be at the Cape for the week because somehow, it indicates that you do this most weeks.  No one seems to ask further if you own a place because if you don’t, you just paid to rent a home for a week which is completely acceptable.  Just saying you’ll be at the Cape is a big deal.  And either way, it’s not an experience we’ve had and so when we have gone on our weekend getaways, we are sure to appreciate the small details!  Though we haven’t done it often, the few times we have been to the Cape have evoked the “Oh, we’re busy…we’ll be at the Cape that weekend.”

It is a beautiful place to visit, best enjoyed by doing mostly nothing.  It’s all about the beach when you’re at the Cape, even in the Fall. New Englanders hold tightly to every moment that resembles anything related to Summer, refusing to believe that their beach attire will soon be traded in for sleeping bag-like jackets and boots in every color, material and size.   The Fall brings that great in-between fashion that requires the sweatshirt once the sun goes down because there isn’t any humidity anymore and it’s cold at 7:00 instead of eighty degrees until 1am.  Which of course, New Englanders complain about when it’s no longer Summer but ask IN the Summer and everyone hates the humidity.  It’s a fickle place, really.

Mom came to visit and had her first experience at the Cape.  She needed some practice saying the CAPE and not Cape Cod, in order to fit in but she can’t deny that she loved it.  From West to East, she does love the beach!

The beautiful view from the wine picnic

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