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Farm Stands

August 30, 2010

I absolutely love farm stands.  I don’t live close enough to any so whenever we are out and about, no matter who I’m with, I’m subject to make us pull over for that sign that says “fresh corn” or “our own tomatoes.”  With no real plan but yummy vegetables in mind for dinner last week, Tyson grilled everything while I sought to make a meal out of the following:

2 large portobello mushroom caps

multi-colored bell peppers



sweet vidalia onions



Here’s how it all went down…

One box of parmesan couscous, my favorite staple in the pantry, was tossed with the grilled vegetables hot off the grill.  I topped the mushroom caps with a grilled tomato first and then the “grilled veggie couscous salad” and topped THAT with the arugula and just about the best sea salt known to man, brought from Hawaii by my thoughtful brother.  I guess we could call our dinner “Grilled Summer Vegetable stuffed Portobellos.”  I’ll add that to the growing menu for the Brewery…the name might need work though!  No pictures of the final products.  They were eaten quickly.

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