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Lobster Rolls

August 19, 2010

The question of what makes a perfect Lobster Roll is much debated among local Mainers.  No one can seem to agree on how it is best served and what the original recipe is.  How should the hot dog bun be prepared?  Mayo or not?  Spices or not?  Butter only?

The ones at the famous Red’s Eats in Wiscasset allow the choice between mayo and butter…we went with butter and dipped the sandwich in it.  We were happy with our choice.  We also decided that lobster rolls at Red’s are a cut above due to the toasty*ness of the hot dog bun.  Tyson commented that it must have been buttered also.  Well, what’s a little more butter right?  I of course, judge most lobster shacks by their coleslaw, not their lobster as lobster seems to pretty much taste like lobster…at all of them.  The coleslaw at Red’s hit the mark – creamy and not too tangy, sweet and shredded small.  The cabbage doesn’t have to be perfectly shredded but I don’t like those squares or chunks people!

Of course, since we had to wait in line for awhile…I found some cute things to take pictures of.

If you want to make your own lobstah rolls like they do in Maine, you could refer here.  It’s just one of many conflicting ideas about how to make them.  In the end, I would rave about Red’s.  Touristy or not, you can’t really drive through the town of Wiscasset without seeing what all the hype is about.  Well done Maine.  Well done.

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