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The ‘Hood

August 9, 2010

Summer Dates have returned!  When we first moved to Boston, we intentionally sought out free – cheap dates around the city.  We lived on a tight budget but found tons of deals, especially in the summer.  Of course, we also knew no one for almost a year so that was before BBQ’s, baby showers, and camping trips so we certainly continue to be blessed living here, just in a different way!

This summer, we made a point to get back out and fill in our weekends with some things we haven’t done in awhile or haven’t done at all!  Yes, there are still a few things we haven’t done but not many.  Last weekend was a “not yet done” and it’s right down the street!  We hit up the historical Mt. Auburn Cemetery, toured the beautifully landscaped grounds and climbed the tower for a view of Boston.  Fun in our own neighborhood allowed us to sleep in on date day, appeasing all parties involved!  The unique monuments and headstones hinted at an incredible visit in the Fall.  Can’t wait!

Tufts Medical Building

Bunny Rabbit



At some points, we were so deep into the cemetery it was easy to forget that we weren’t out in the woods.  “The Dell” is a marshy area with gravestones surrounding the pond and wildlife abounds.  It’s not the most picturesque setting but it’s pretty cool that you can’t even hear the cars out on the roads.



The Tower

A Birdseye View

The view of downtown looked so backwards from our view!

The Prudential Center

Looking toward Harvard Square

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